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Indoor, Outdoor or Both

House Plan
Starting at just $85 per service our House Plan covers your kitchen , bath, plus two rooms.

Garden Plan
Starting at just $65 per service our Garden Plan covers your front and back yard up to .5 acres.

House + Garden
When bundling our House and Garden Plans together it equals 15% savings for you!


Services included with our House Plan

hgcs-service-room-cleaningRoom Cleaning
Room cleaning with HGCS covers cobweb removal, washing and drying of wood floors and emptying of waste bins.

hgcs-service-bathroom-cleaningBathroom Cleaning
Bathroom cleaning with HGCS covers cleaning and scubbing of the shower and bathtub, cleaning of vanities, sinks and mirrors and also washing the floor and any tile wallspace.

hgcs-service-kitchen-cleaningKitchen Cleaning
Kitchen cleaning with HGCS covers cleaning of your counters, and backsplashes. We clean the exterior of your cabinets, range, refrigerator and small appliances, including the inside and outside of your microwave. We complete the job by vaccuming and washing the kitchen floor.

Services included with our Garden Plan

hgcs-service-turf-mowingTurf Mowing
Turf care with HGCS covers mowing of all turf areas around the client’s property.

hgcs-service-weed-trimmingWeed Trimming
Weed trimming with HGCS covers the trimming of all areas inaccessible to the mowers.

Edging walkways with HGCS covers the full edging area of your walkways, sidewalks and driveways.

hgcs-service-sweeping-cleanSweeping Clean
HGCS completes the service by blowing all resulting clippings from your walkways, driveways and sidewalks.